GDN 2024 Call for Proposals

The GDN San Diego Call for Proposals are Closed
Selection Process

Selected proposals will be determined by the end of May for subsequent publication to the program website. We will be looking for sessions that are delivered by more than one organization and opportunities to combine presentations into one session if the themes are similar and complementary to enrich the experience for the audience. Your support for this process is a requirement of submission.

The time, duration and conference slot of any given presentation will be determined after this review process as part of the program development. Session applicants will be notified directly and be required to ensure their other presenters are informed of any logistics or requirements.


In the new continuing tradition of the GDN, the Annual meeting will be hybrid with simultaneous live or taped sessions depending on the session location and timing. We will ask solely virtual sessions to provide a taped session in advance in case there are technology disruptions.