GDN Webinars

Welcome to the Groningen Declaration Webinar Page. The GDN webinars are delivered by leaders and experts in the Digital Student Data Portability (DSDP) field as well as academic and professional credential mobility thought leaders from across the globe. The goal of each webinar is to bring together Signatories, non-profits, and any other interested parties to start discussions surrounding DSDP and further collective knowledge and understanding of the importance of learner mobility, and secure, verifiable data sharing. 

Below you will find all upcoming webinars open for registration. Thank you for selecting the correct discount option according to your GDN status when proceeding to check out.

Recordings for previous GDN webinars will be made available in the GDN Video Library for GDN Signatories.

Past Webinars

Past webinars are available in the GDN Video Library, accessible to Signatories, Sponsors and attendees to the GDN Annual Meeting.

Most recent past webinar:

GDN Conversation Series: Creating national level transformation for supporting seamless learner access and mobility – A Netherlands Case Study

Watch this webinar to learn about how Studielink, the national application service provider in the Netherlands, has successfully bridged the complexities of cross-sector collaboration and system interoperability for data sharing and exchange across national government systems, the banking sector, and over 50 universities. Studielink is further extending national capacities and planning a transformational project to expand and integrate with vocational education training providers (VETs) in the Netherlands.