Technology Interoperability Working Group

Following the 2022 GDN Annual Meeting a working group was established to support the GDN’s vision of student mobility through trusted electronic data exchange, integration, open standards, and interoperability.

The Working Group’s planned deliverables include the following:

  • Consult an expert panel of GDN members and experts in technology, data privacy, and international credential exchange to understand the current and planned efforts to promote interoperability of digital credentials (by April 2023);  
  • Develop a white paper describing principles of interoperability of digital credential portability (by August 2023) that will provide a framework and recommendations for exploring new technologies that enable data sharing while promoting individual agency, security, and privacy by design;
  • Develop recommendations for future GDN activities and collaborations to advance credential portability through technology interoperability (August 2023);
  • Present findings from the expert panel, white paper, and recommendations for future GDN activities during GDN Jordan (October 2023); and 
  • Develop recommendations for a conference workstream at GDN Jordan that will expose GDN signatories, conference attendees, and a broad range of interested stakeholders to examples of promising initiatives and technology solutions that advance credential interoperability (due as appropriate to the timelines for submission of papers for the Jordan GDN conference).

At the time of inception the Working Group consists of;

David Moldoff, CEO, Academy One (Co-chair)

Sharon Leu, Jobs for the Future (Co-chair)

Koichi Nakasaki, Director, GDN

Takis Diakoumis, CTO, Digitary

Victoriano Giralt, Director of Innovation, University of Malaga

David Haynes, President, IEE

Joanne Duklas, Executive Director, GDN

Simone Ravaioli, Director, Digitary

Jan Joost Norder, Product Owner, DUO

Questions regarding the work of this group can be directed to Joanne Duklas, Executive Director, Groningen Declaration Network at [email protected]