Patrons are organizations that have agreed to establish an ongoing financial commitment to the GDN by signing a Patron agreement, thereby assuming the prestigious role of Patron of the GDN. Patrons play a key role, next to the GDN’s Founder Organizations and the new Advisory Council, in helping the organization meet strategic goals by providing significant financial contributions. Toward that end, Patrons choose one of the following Patron tiers, paying at minimum the financial contribution associated with that Patron tier:

❏      Principal – a minimum of €10k per year

❏      Major – a minimum of €8k per year

❏      Sustaining – a minimum of €5k per year

❏      Supporting – a minimum of €2k per year

In case your organization has an interest in becoming a GDN Patron, please get in touch with Joanne Duklas, Executive Director at [email protected]