The Groningen Declaration Network

The Groningen Declaration Network is an international, nonprofit and voluntary network of like-minded organizations and individuals that want to make digital student data portability happen. Its Global Founding Seminar took place in 2012. Today it consists of participants and signatories of over 29 countries worldwide.

The Network builds on the Groningen Declaration. Citizens worldwide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever they are. In order to get there, the declaration wants to establish a global area of convergence on digital student data depositories, while respecting their autonomy and diversity. It wants to look into privacy rights, ownership of data, identification, access and forwarding/sharing of data, next to compatibility and comparability of data. This is a declaration of intent, with no binding power. The Board of Directors cannot ask participants to do things other than voluntarily. 

The Groningen Declaration Network seeks common ground in best serving the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens worldwide by bringing together stakeholders in the digital student data ecosystem at its Annual Meeting.

The purpose of the Groningen Declaration Network is:

  • to develop, offer, support and advise on the subject of Digital Student Data Portability (DSDP) particularly concerning the mutual consultation on and exchange of informa­tion between all interested parties worldwide and institutes for higher education in particular;
  • to develop and offer best practices and globally accepted standards for safe and citizen-oriented mutual consultations and exchanges of information on the subject of DSDP;
  • and everything related, belonging or conducive to this in the broadest sense.

 The  Network seeks to achieve its objectives by:

  • creating and facilitating a network for the foundation’s objectives;
  • bringing together stakeholders in the area of DSDP;
  • the use of (multi)media for the foundation’s objectives;
  • generating publicity by any means for the foundation’s objectives;
  • the acquisition and provision of resources (financial or otherwise);
  • furthermore, doing everything directly or indirectly related to the above, in the broadest sense.