GDN Newsletter February 2019

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Hello Groningen Declaration Networkers!

The Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching and final preparations are in-hand. On behalf of the Board and our local hosts, it is my pleasure as president of the GDN to welcome you to Puebla.

We have some excellent keynote speakers confirmed, some great panel sessions planned and received over 40 concurrent session proposals - far more than space and time can accommodate. To cater to demand this year’s annual meeting will run over two-and-a-half days - creating more time for networking and hearing new ideas.

For the first time GDN Participants will be invited to take part in the Business Meeting where the Board will present forward plans for the next stage in our evolution - all part of the process of holding ourselves to account to you, the supporters of our Network.

A limited number of sponsorship and Lightning Talk opportunities (see below) remain - so if you have not signed up for something yet, don’t miss out!

See you in Puebla!
Neil Robinson
President, Groningen Declaration Network

Invitation to My University

It is a great pleasure for me to greet you and to give you the most cordial welcome to UPAEP, to the city of Puebla and to Mexico, for the 8th Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting, to be held from April 24 to 26, 2019 at our university.

UPAEP was born in 1973 as a project of the Puebla society, led by a group of businessmen and students who in their time decided to make a difference and undertake, for the sake of university freedom and autonomy, a new project that crystallizes in what today is an institution committed to the search and dissemination of truth. Our world demands from university students to act locally, with a global perspective. In this sense, UPAEP has been a pioneer in the internationalization of its university community, based on a vision of interculturality that entails the valorization of the national culture to share and enrich it with other cultures.

Thanks to its strategic geographical location, the city of Puebla is an ideal venue to take and integrate the Groningen Declaration Network vision to all of Latin America, to make learning throughout life a global reality, since Mexico, being part of Mesoamerica, serves as a natural bridge between Latin America and North America and, due to its Hispanic origin, also with Europe. On behalf of the entire UPAEP community, we hope to receive you all for the 8th Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting, which we are preparing with much enthusiasm to make it a most memorable event.


Universidad Popular Autònoma del Estado de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Preparing for the 8th Annual Meeting

Lightning Talks

A New Opportunity to hear ideas and solutions under development in the student data ecosystem at GDN AM 2019

Limited places are still available in the Lightning Talk session to be held on the first day of the GDN Annual Meeting.
Participants in the GDN have the opportunity to pitch an idea, product or service followed by a networking opportunity to discuss the idea/product/service in more detail. Lightning Talks will be strictly time-controlled, limited in number and provide a unique opportunity to have your ‘pitch’ heard by Annual Meeting attendees. Based on Open Space or non-conference design principles, focused discussion around opportunities for network members will be created. This is a first for the GDN Annual Meeting and Participants in the GDN are invited to contact Karen Hanna to express interest in taking up this opportunity.

The session will be facilitated by Neil Robinson, GDN 2018-2019 President, Victoriano Giralt. CIO, University of Málaga, Spain and Tom Black, Assistant Vice Provost and University Registrar, Johns Hopkins University.

Contact Karen Hanna

Useful Information
Preliminary Program
The meeting agenda is now available. The agenda features outstanding keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions, country and regional updates and almost 40 concurrent sessions highlighting new initiatives, policy issues, digital credentials, identity and fraud and much more
View the online program here.
Travel & Safety Tips
Preparing for the 8th Annual Meeting Creating the New World for Academic and Professional Mobility: 24-26 April 2019 in Puebla City The Eighth Annual Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) Meeting will…
Practical information & Safety
Visitor Information

Extending Engagement: Eliciting Expressions of Interest to Host Future GDN Meetings

Each year, the GDN holds its Annual Meeting in a location hosted by a local network participant. To date, we have held AMs in Groningen, Beijing, Washington DC, Málaga, Cape Town, Melbourne and Paris - with this year’s AM taking place in Puebla, Mexico.

The Board of Directors now invites Expressions of Interest from individual organisations to host future Annual (and Potential Regional) Meetings beyond 2021.

An information pack will be provided to interested organisations to help with the development of an Expression of Interest (EOI). The deadline for submission of EOIs is 1 April 2019.

To receive an Information Pack and to EOI please email: [email protected]

Neil Robinson

Other Issues
Blockchain, by Mirko Stanić
In the previous GDN Newsletter, Andy Dowling, CEO at Digitary responded to the Newsletter's call to initiate debates with the network on burning issues (read here). That debate now generated an opinionated response by Mirko Stanić from AZVO to Andy's key talking points.
Read the response here

Invitation to Take IAU Questionnaire

The International Association of Universities IAU is developing a Policy Statement to outline the key values and principles that must underpin the rapid digital transformations currently taking place in higher education (and beyond).
New technologies carry the potential to contribute to societal development and to improve human conditions, yet, they also bring about serious questions about ethics, regulation and equality. Importantly, they are intrinsically linked to how we envisage the future of higher education - hence, an urgent call to rethink the ways in which we teach, conduct research and even the content of curricula.

The aim of the policy statement is to raise awareness of the issues at stake and to inform decision-makers and policy development and last but not least, to serve as guiding principles for the higher education institutions. The GDN wholeheartedly endorses this endeavor and therefore happily leaves the floor to IAU, inviting you to contribute by taking the following questionnaire.

The questionnaire aims to take stock of the current situation around the world and it will only take around 15 minutes at most to complete the 26 multiple-choice questions. Several colleagues from the same institution are welcome to take part in the consultation.

Take the Questionnaire here

Upcoming Events - Missing Your Event? Let Us Know

7, 11:00-12:30 CET, Webinar Erasmus goes digital! hosted by DG EAC (European Commission, Directorate-General Education and Culture) - Find out more about the European Student Card initiative and the Digital Opportunity Traineeships (DOT) initiative
31 – April 3, Los Angeles, CA, USA AACRAO 105th Annual Meeting

3-4, Los Angeles, CA, USA AICE Symposium 2019 The Future Is Digital…Are You? Effectively Using Technology While Maintaining Credential Evaluation Standards
4-5, Zagreb, Croatia the first European Education Festival, organized by IBO, Leading and learning in the 21st century.
24 – 26, Puebla, Mexico GDN 8th Annual Conference Creating the New World for Academic and Professional Mobility/Creando el Nuevo Mundo para la Movilidad Académica y Profesional

8-10, Washington, D.C., USA PESC Spring 2019 Data Summit State of Technology & Standards in Higher Education
20 – 23, San Diego, CA USA IMS Learning Impact Leadership Institute 2019
26 – 31, Washington, D.C. USA NAFSA Annual Meeting

5 – 7, Trondheim, Norway EUNIS Annual Conference Campus for the Future

24 – 27, Helsinki, Finland EAIE 31st Annual Conference

14 – 17, Chicago, ILL, USA EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
21 -24, Vancouver, Canada TAICEP 5th Annual Conference, Making Connections in Credential Evaluation
22 – 25, Montreal, Québec, Canada PESC Fall 2019 Data Summit

13 – 15, Puebla, Mexico IAU International Conference, Transforming Higher Education for the Future

The 2019 GDN Annual Meeting is made possible by the GDN charter entities

and sponsored by

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