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President's Message

Dear Participant,

As incoming third President of the Groningen Declaration Network, it is my honor and privilege to invite you to the Ninth Annual GDN Meeting, which will be hosted in India from 15-17 April 2020.

Together let’s breathe life into the 2020 Annual Meeting’s unifying idea of “Innovative Disruption, Creation & Sustainability”.

Join me to bear the torch from Mexico to India, and to make the case for the GDN’s three I’s: more Innovation; more Inclusion; and more Integration.
Experience the Vision of Digital India, one out of the nine pillars of the ambitious Government of India eGovernance programme, aimed at the Digital Empowerment of its Citizens and at the Creation of a Knowledge Economy.

The essence of India is best summed up in the saying ‘a nation's culture resides in the hearts and soul of its people’, and in Mahatma Gandhi’s exhortation ‘you must be the change you wish to see in the world’. If anything, these evoke in me the preeminence of inclusion and empowerment – core values of the GDN.

In summary: Please save the dates, with more coming your way.

Looking forward to (re)connecting soon.

With warm regards,

Amee Shroff
President, Groningen Declaration Network

2019 Annual Meeting wrap up

As the one that had the pleasure of providing the venue and preparing the programme for this year’s GDN annual meeting in my university, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the GDN Board of Directors and to you, our participants, for trusting UPAEP to host the 8th network’s annual meeting, and for coming to Puebla to live this great experience. We worked very hard, with great enthusiasm and even greater commitment, to make this annual meeting memorable for the content of the sessions, for the networking possibilities, and for the history, beauty and gastronomy that Puebla has to offer.

I am confident that we were able to deliver what we promised.

I also want to thank the wonderful organizing team of UPAEP, of which I was a proud and honored member. The UPAEP team made it possible to host and serve you, our visitors, as you expected and deserved. Once again, it was an honor and a great experience for us to host the GDN Annual Meeting; you will be always welcome in México, in Puebla, and in UPAEP.

On behalf of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, with warmest regards,

Francisco Maldonado

Registrar, UPAEP and head
of UPAEP’s local organizing committee

2019 Annual Meeting at a glance
We asked our delegates to give us feedback on the 2019 GDN Annual Meeting via an online evaluation survey.
You can find the survey results here.
We also created an infographic with some interesting facts about the 8th Annual Meeting
Executive Summary
We have produced an executive summary of the 8th GDN Annual meeting which synthesizes the key messages and actions our network is taking to progress our shared mission of global digital student mobility.This Executive Summary is available to our participants, who have received a login for access to the summary.
Not a participant? Click here to learn more.
2019 Annual Meeting Presentation Files
Want to take a look at a presentation (again)? We have uploaded the presentation slides of the Annual Meeting to our website for you to reference.
You can find the presentations here.
2019 Annual Meeting photo gallery
We have made a small selection of the photos taken in Puebla. On this page you will also find a link to all the other photos, and a drop-folder where you can share your photos with us.
Take a look at the photos here.
Announcement of 2020 Annual Meeting

15-17 April 2020

Into the future
2021 - Ottawa, Canada
2022 - Groningen, the Netherlands
In the Press

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the PIE News Annual Assembly photo gallery
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Upcoming Events - Missing Your Event? Let Us Know

14-16, Las Vegas, NV, USA
AACRAO Technology & Transfer Conference

24 – 27, Helsinki, Finland EAIE 31st Annual Conference

14 – 17, Chicago, ILL, USA EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
21 -24, Vancouver, Canada TAICEP 5th Annual Conference, Making Connections in Credential Evaluation
22 – 25, Montreal, Québec, Canada PESC Fall 2019 Data Summit

13 – 15, Puebla, Mexico IAU International Conference, Transforming Higher Education for the Future

The 2019 GDN Annual Meeting was made possible by the GDN charter entities

and sponsored by

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