Changes in the GDN Board of Directors

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New Board of Directors member

The Groningen Declaration Network proudly announces the appointment of two dynamic individuals, Nadia Starr and Shelby Stanfield, to its Board of Directors. Bringing a wealth of expertise and innovative perspectives, their addition promises to propel the GDN towards new heights of success and global impact.

Departing Board of Directors Members

With deep appreciation, the Groningen Declaration Network bids farewell to Nevine el Chawra. Thank you, Nevine, for your outstanding service to the Groningen Declaration Network!

Changes in Board of Directors terms

In an effort to increase managerial stability the Board of Directors decided to increase the term for the President, Vice-President and Past-President to a two year term, starting at the 2023 Annual Meeting. This means Jelger de Boer, Melanie Gottlieb and Kathleen Massey will stay on for another year until next years Annual Meeting

See the current members of the Board of Directors here