Registration for DSDDW 2013, Beijing

Register for the event, providing your contact and affiliation details.

Personal details
Attendee's personal information that can be used for the letter of invitation, other visa related matters and the list of participants.
Remember, your passport should be valid, at least, for six months after your trip to China.
The country that issues the passport, i.e., your nationality.
Information about your stay in China
This information is needed for visa purposes.
Organisational information
Information about your organisation and postal address for legal completeness
Full name of your organisation
The unit or department within your organisation you are part of
Your position within your organisation
All the information that makes postal mail reach you, including street and number, or PO box, and city and zip code. Including country. In a format recognised by your local postal service and helps them deliver your mail. In as many lines as needed.

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