Groningen Declaration Network Newsletter, Vol. II/ii, Jan 2017  
Best Wishes for 2017
Best Wishes for 2017!
Warm regards from the Dissemination Task Force
We look forward to working with you, to document the impressive progress of GDN! Among many important points in this edition, be sure to register for our Annual Meeting in Melbourne, view GDN's unfolding tree of participation, and consider volunteering on the Editorial Team.
Preface from the Editorial Team
GDN's Transition from Virtual Network to Legal Personality
GDN Transitions to a Legal Personality
"The die has been cast"
Late last year, the Groningen Declaration Network formally incorporated as a Public Benefit Foundation under Dutch law, with the main seat in Groningen and a secondary seat in Brussels. Learn more about what this means for you.
GDN's new legal status
Melbourne, Australia
Extending Engagement at GDN 2017, Down Under
GDN's Sixth Annual Meeting in Melbourne, 26-28 April
Under the theme of Extending Engagement, the 2017 meeting promises to be a stimulating event with thought-provoking keynote addresses, workshops, case studies, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities in vibrant Melbourne, Australia!
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GDN Task Force Updates
GDN Task Force Updates
Advancing GDN Ideals, Piece by Piece
Learn how GDN signatories are working with industry leaders on specific initiatives to define the future of digital student data portability. Task Force leaders report on Privacy, Mid-Term Vision, Cross-Border Enrollments, and more!
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Making Waves Globally
Making Waves Globally
Promoting the ideals of the Groningen Declaration Network
GDN signatories have been working hard to substantiate their commitment to the goal: Citizens worldwide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever.
Building global momentum
Article 26 Backpack, from the University of California, Davis
Article 26 Backpack
A Tool for Refugee and Vulnerable Student Educational Mobility
Learn more about this interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of California, Davis and GDN Signatory, AACRAO -- uniting the disciplines of Refugee Studies, Middle East Studies, human rights experts, and international academic credentialing.
An initiative in the field